Friday, May 4, 2012

Back from Savannah and animation goodness...

Ok I got back a couple of weeks ago technically, but it's been busy so i'm only getting around to updating now. Anyway I had a blast at the Savannah International Animation Festival this past April. Kudos to the event organizers and all their volunteers for such a great event.

There were some excellent panels and discussions and of course plenty of great animation to be seen.
And I managed pick up an Award for the FoodBanks PSA " Hunger Count  2011" that I animated for Flash Frame Digital Media and Food Banks Canada. So that was definitely a highlight and a pleasant surprise.


Also met a couple of interesting guys, Les Carpenter and Lavalle McGuirk who were there to do a couple of panels and show their animated show they are pitching, "Cracker Land". Lavalle also has a great website on traditional  animation, aptly named Traditional Animation .

Another highlight was meeting Ian Timothy who's "Beaver Creek" was in the same animation bloc as my PSA. He's only 17 and has created 7 or 8 episodes of Beaver Creek, using stop motion, so far.  Each one is close to 10 minutes and they're pretty fun. He and his family even built a studio in their basement to record sound. That's dedication to your craft. So hat's off to him for all his hard work and I hope he continues.

He also created this great little short explaining the Art and Science of Animation.

Currently i'm working on graphics and animation for a video game "Left Lane Looey" that will hopefully be released in the fall. I'll be posting more cartoons and illustrations in the weeks to come. This "sketchblog" has gotten fairly news heavy and not sketch heavy enough!

-Bryce Hallett

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