Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canadian Made.. Caricatures!

I created some caricatures back in the fall for a tv series called "Canadian Made" airing in Canada on History Television. The episodes are all about various Canadian inventions ( like Trivial Pursuit and the Wonder Bra for example) and the people behind them. They're very well done and a lot of fun to watch.

 Anyway I did a handful of caricatures for the episode "Brilliant Amenities" which recently aired so I thought i'd post them here. I wasn't sure how they'd be used in the episode so it was fun to see them in the opening segment bouncing around etc. The drawings had to be done quickly as it was a typical "we actually need these yesterday!" sort of deadline.  So considering they were drawn so quickly, I'm fairly pleased with how they turned out. I'm no Jack Davis, obviously, and some of these drawings I think are more successful than others, but they do the trick.

 Movie Star- Leslie Nielsen

 The Governor General of Canada - Michaelle Jean

 Pro golfer - Mike Weir

 Double Olympic Champion, speed skater - Catriona Le May Doan
I had fun drawing her and exaggerating the powerful legs of an Olympic athlete.

 Comedian - Russell Peters
This one i "George Lucased" a bit. His face is exactly as seen in the episode but i didn't like how i drew his body so i quickly made a new one here. Maybe i'll post a before and after so people can see the difference another time. If anyone is interested in that.

 Star Trek's "Scotty" - James Doohan
This is actual the second time i've done a caricature of Scotty for TV. The first time was for an episode of History Bites. I'll have to dig it up and see which one turned out better. I think the other one was the movie version of Scotty.

NHL Star - Sidney Crosby

 NBA star - Steve Nash
I think this was one of the first caricatures i did for this series. I'm happy with the likeness but i think i could have made a better pose for him.

 I made a few others as well but i think this is enough for one post. It's a lot of work done very quickly for a short time on screen but i'm happy with the results.

You can watch episodes of Canadian Made online here:
History Channel LINK.

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