Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's been much happening here at Frog Feet these past couple months. In addition to creating various animatics for the fine folks at Storieboards a music video for Delica and a PSA for Trace Pictures , I've just finished animation for the opening of Pocket Change Films' feature film: "At Home By Myself... With You". It's a fun little rom-comedy about a girl (Kristin Booth) who develops so many phobias growing up she never leaves her apartment, even though she is a travel agent. Eventually a new neighbour moves in next door..and well you can see the movie. Hopefully it will be in the 2009 Toronto Film Fest but we're still waiting to here and find out for sure.

Here's a couple of screen shots from the opening animation of "At Home By Myself... With You". All done in a sort of paper cut-out animation style. Several other animated sequences were also created for the film and I'm anxious to see them on the big screen!

-Frog Feet

click image for larger view

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