Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another good review and fun times at Kalamazoo.

I've been busy animating today. I'm all pumped and inspired after attending the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International this weekend. It was a lot of fun. I got to speak on a few panels, dust off my student film from years back to screen, and it was well received, and got to hang out and meet many fun and interesting animation types.
(Quick shout out to all the students who competed in the KAFI Cartoon Challenge 2009. They made some really good PSA's and were a lot of fun to meet and talk to. Cheers guys and gals and congrats on your hard work and well made films! It was fun! ).

It was a pretty decent drive from Toronto to Kalamazoo too. The 6 or 7 hours just flew by. Gotta thank Bruce Simpson for the ride!

At some point i'll have to start actually adding sketches to my skethblog again. heh
in the meantime here's a link to a nice review of "Animation Unleashed" i came across while procrastinating.

BC Blogcritics LINK. Thanks to and especially Tim Girard for writing this great little review! That made my day.

In lieu of some sketches here's screen shots from "Delica: Counting Stars". A little music video i've been working on whenever i could get the chance that i finally finished last week.
Look for it at the next Delica concert!
-Frog Feet

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