Saturday, June 25, 2011

BunnyJam Jury Award winner! TAIS Showcase 2011

Hurray us!
During the TAIS Animation Showcase 2011 we were awarded the BunnyJam Jury Award.

Every year as part of the TAIS Showcase they hold an "Anijam" where animators can submit a 10 sec animated piece, using any style or technique, based on that year's theme. This year it was "bunnies". Previous years have had monsters, robots, chickens..etc etc all the entries are then strung together into one big mega animation and shown in the theatre before the main Showcase begins.

The Jury, which selects the best film for the Showcase, also has an award for the BunnyJam and there is an Audience Award for both categories as well. ( Jamie Metzger 's film "Pasa Doble" won the Jury Award for best in Showcase, Aaron Long won the audience award for his film "Fester Goes Fishing" as well as an honourable mention from the Jury and Nick Cross won the Audience Award for his BunnyJam entry. So congrats to all of them and really to everyone who had animation screened at the showcase it was a very good year with some really great pieces.)

Here's the link to our little BunnyJam submission and as soon as their is a link for the complete TAIS entries we'll post it as well.

Emma Lander suggested we animate something using rice or beans so we went to the bulk foods store and got a few things to try out and rice worked the best. It's shot stop motion style under the camera on a piece of glass and a cardboard background using a Nikon D5000 slr and Dragon Stop Motion.

If anyone is interested i can give more specific details of what we did. In all it 6 or 7 hours from initial set up to shooting the final frame.

Emily Shapiro created the music for us on clarinet. Thanks Emily!

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