Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CTN Expo 2013 in Burbank

Recently  returned from the Creative Talent Network Expo ( CTN EXPO) in Burbank California.

Lots of amazing talent there and great workshops. I particularly enjoyed BJ Crawford's talk (via Bluesky Animation) on  using 2d animation drawing techniques to explore character and animation for the film EPIC. Basically he showed how they used 2d hand drawn classical animation techniques to develop characters that will be modelled eventually in CG for the film. Great talk and inspiring to see. BJ has basically created a new type of job in the CG feature film pipeline. Maybe a potential avenue to look into for all you hand drawn animation fans out there looking to work in feature films?

I also really enjoyed Eric Goldberg interviewing Eric Goldberg and giving us a an over view of his life and career in animation. Really funny. I highly recommend his book Character Animation Crash Course for those of you interested in character animation.

this was some of the art promoting the MWP booth i created based on the artwork from "Animation Unleashed".

In previous years i spent part of my time working at the table for Michael Wiese Productions , the publisher of Animation Unleashed. This year I just went as a spectator. If you are a professional or a student of animation looking to network with studio artists and freelancers alike, it's a pretty excellent conference to attend. Everyone is very friendly and plenty of people to talk to and exchange cards with in line.

Perhaps i'll see some of you next year!

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